Monsoon Season in Southwest Colorado

The annual monsoons in Southwest Colorado are something to be prepared for. Here are six tips on how to make the most out of your day without getting soaked!

  1. Get out and about early:

    Monsoon weather hits in the afternoon so plan on outdoor activities in the morning.

  2. Be prepared:

    The Boy Scouts weren’t kidding around. Bring the correct clothing to deal with hot and dry Southwest weather and heavy downpour with lightning.

  3. Have a Plan:

    Try to make two plans, one for nice weather and one for rainy thunderstorms.

  4. Check the weather:

    Weather changes quickly in Colorado. Here is a link to NWS, the most reliable weather service for Colorado.

  5. Avoid high places in the afternoon:

    Typically monsoons and lightning will hit high places, like mountains, because of uplift which also increases electrical activity.

  6. Go with a guide:

    Guides in the area are experts at noticing early signs of harsh weather moving in and are prepared to deal with it. Let our guides usher you through the best day at Mesa Verde possible!