Mesa Verde National Park Trip Planner

Planning a trip to Mesa Verde National Park is easy! We have collected all the information and resources you will need to get the best experience possible. Below are helpful considerations that will guide you through the planning process. If you have any questions Contact Us for personalized service and customized info!

The first thing to consider is when you will be travelling to Mesa Verde and for how long. Different accommodations and tours are available based on the season. See Park Hours & Tour Times for a complete list of availability. Answering how long you will be in the area is important to decide on lodging and other activities you might be interested in. Our Camping & Lodging page provides more details. There is an abundance of Area Activities to be planned around Durango and Cortez.

With lodging figured out, now it is time to decide on what to do in the park. The Mesa Verde National Park Tour is popular because the entire day is guided including transportation from Durango, Colorado. Your personal park expert will take through the mysterious history and make sure you have the best experience at Mesa Verde possible. Planning your own self-guided day can be tough with so much to do but we have made some example itineraries to help. Mesa Verde has many tours within the park, some are self-guided but the Ranger Guided Tours require tickets and take place at certain times. An adventurous group might want to explore Mesa Verde on the many hiking trails found throughout the park. Use caution as many of the hikes have prolonged exposure to the sun and heat of the day

Mesa Verde has many great activities for families too. Kids can visit the Junior Ranger Station for fun hands-on learning. Mesa Verde also participates in the Junior Ranger Program which keeps the kids entertained all day. Learn more about family activities at Mesa Verde.

Mesa Verde Information

  • Special Tours for Photographers
    Special Tours for Photographers
    Mesa Verde Park Staff is offering two special tours for Summer 2017! There will be four special sunrise tours of Balcony House and Twilight Tours of Cliff Palace everyday May 26 – Sept 9. These tours will offer a unique oppoerunity to capture these spectacular cliff...
  • Petroglyph Point Trail Hike
    Petroglyph Point Trail Hike
    The Petroglyph Point Trail is a lovely excursion for the active bunch to do while visiting Mesa Verde. The 2.4 mile trail is a good activity to do during the heat of the day. The majority of the trail and most strenuous part is shaded, ending...
  • Step House on Wetherill Mesa
    Step House on Wetherill Mesa
    This self-guided tour of Step House on Wetherill Mesa is quick and accessible from the trail, 3/4 mile in length that loops the dwelling. We recommend doing this either at the beginning or end of the day due to the high sun exposure of the trail...

Park Alerts

  • Spruce Tree House Temporarily Closed
    Spruce Tree House Temporarily Closed
    Spruce Tree House, an iconic self-guided cliff dwelling in the heart of Chapin Mesa, is unfortunately CLOSED for the unforeseeable future due to concerns about rock fall. It can still be viewed from the Museum overlook....
Trip Planner August 9, 2014